About me & Pop and Moo.



I’m Kim 🙂 I’m 30 years old and live in the UK with my husband and two cats Pop & Moo.

pop IMG_3492


I’ve recently left an office job to set up shop on Etsy selling adorable, cute, kitsch, kawaii accessories, bags and apparel! It was a brave decision leaving a steady income to dive into the world of crafts however you can only keep the real you at bay for a certain amount of time! My Etsy About Page tells the influences behind my cute little shop.


This blog will follow the life of me and Pop & Moo. New items, ideas, things going wrong, things going right, the lives of my kitties…


I adore the 1950s, I love girly things and anything cute. I also have a fair amount of tattoos. I believe you should always be who you really are regardless of how other people treat you because of it.


Happy reading 🙂

Kim, Pop & Moo



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