New Things!

Hi! So if you remember my last post I was talking about Pop? Well she picked up massively after being given some extra medication and antibiotics etc! Yay!

I was also talking about new adventures for Pop & Moo! These involved cute tee’s and shoes. Well I’m still waiting for my screeprinting equipment to be delivered (!!) however there are now adorable mary janes and ballet flats in the shop here…

There are clouds…




And cats…




I love them, they’re even more adorable in real life and there has already been a couple of kitty shoe sales. I’m going to be doing some cute candy/sugar skull purple ballet flats too so keep them peeled for those!

I have plans to screen print some adorable peter pan collar tee’s and some cute cat totes when the equipment arrives!!

I’m thinking of running a coupon code for my Etsy store or a competition, not really decided which yet so ‘like’ my Facebook page to keep updated on those, also follow my Instagram feed for frequent Pop & Moo pics 🙂 @popandmoo

No blog post is complete without some Moo pics so…






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