Ups and Downs.

Well it’s been a few days of ups and downs. I’ll start with the downs so we can pick it back up again.

Pop is 3 years old and she has IMHA, basically her own body attacks her red blood cells so she has to be on daily medication. A few days ago she became withdrawn and lethargic. We have been here twice before already and both times vets have been amazed she has stayed alive. We took her to the vet expecting the usual “Red blood count low, we’ll have to give her a steroid boost etc and she’ll be back to ‘normal’ again”. However this time her count is as normal as hers ever goes. She is severely jaundiced and had a fever of 105. That’s where we’re at with her at present. She is currently resting next to the radiator keeping warm and eating little bits at a time. Her medication has been upped and we’re keeping an eye on her. It’s been a while since she looked like this…


I’ll get onto the happier news.

I ordered my screen printing equipment the other day. This is really exciting for Pop and Moo. It means there will be adorable tee shirts and other clothing available too! I also ordered some new things for this adventure…


Exciting!!! I can’t wait for the equipment to arrive so I can get started on printing these! I also worked on a new project today that I want to stock in the shop…


Adorable cat shoes!! I have fallen in love with them already and I only made them a couple of hours ago!! I’m trying to find the best supplier for the shoes at the moment so i can make lots of different designs! There will definitely be a competition for those I feel! There are a couple of new designs I recently added to the shop that are completely cute too…


Cute felt cloud shoe clips! (Can you tell I love shoes?). There’s also an adorable little pink bow ring hiding at the back there. I’m working on some different designs for both of these items at the moment.

I’ll let you know when the shoes are available 🙂


(Moo LOVES our original 70s chairs kindly donated by my auntie and uncle).

Kim x


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